Hundreds Of Juvenile Offenders Have Their Convictions Overturned

03.27.09 | FL News Team

Hundreds of kids who were sent to prison by a pair of judges in Northeastern Pennsylvania are having their convictions reversed. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned those sentenced in Wilkes-Barre yesterday, and Luzerne County officials admit the ruling is going to cause a mountain of legal work for them.

Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan admitted to taking millions in kickbacks for sending these juveniles to certain detention facilities. Many of the kids appeared in court with no lawyers. One was even sent to a private wilderness camp for a month for blasting her principle on her MySpace page.

Meanwhile, one of the county's probation officials has pleaded guilty to tampering with juvenile court records.Sandra Brulo is the fourth figure to plead guilty in the unfolding courthouse corruption scandal.

Her defense attorney says the 56-year-old Brulo altered a document because she was afraid of being named in a civil suit. The suit was filed on behalf of hundreds of juveniles who may have been improperly sentenced to detention. Brulo is free pending sentencing.