Hundreds Of Bankers Going To Public Schools Today To Speak About Debt

10.20.11 |

 In schools all across America today, bankers will be talking to students about why financial literacy matters so much.  It's called "Get Smart About Credit Day."  Frank Keating, President of the American Bankers Association, says a big part of financial literacy is learning to protect your identity. He says "1 in 5 people today will have pensions, so they will have to take care of themselves. They need to become financially literate or they will have no comfort in retirement, if they can retire at all." More then 5-hundred bankers from all over the country are talking today to elementary, middle-school, and high school students about the damaging effects of national debt. Keating says "in the conversations I have with young people, they can't understand that from George Washington to George W. Bush, we gained a certain amount of debt. From the start of Barack Obama's presidency till the end of it, you'll add the same amount of debt-- as from nearly all the other presidents combined."