How Would You Like To Sit Through A Church Service In 3d

12.30.10 | Sarah Harnisch

Many of us will sit through a church service on Sunday, the second day of the new year. But you may not be sitting through a church service... quite like this one.
   The Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas offered services in 3D. Ed Young, the pastor, says it's a little cheesy, but cheese works. On Christmas day, a full house packed the church's well-advertized 3D services. Adults and kids alike got a pair of paper frame glasses with red and blue lenses... and donned them for 3 brief videos shot in 3D. They handed out 28 thousand 3D glasses for 1 night of sermons; shelling out about 8 grand for the glasses, the rental of 3D recording cameras, and the time to put it all together.
   The sermon was given in real life, but they also had a 6-member band that used their ipads to play Feliz Navidad on stage. The pastor says Christmas is the best time of year for people to give God a shot-- and they will use whatever communication is necessary-- to get their attention.