How Does 20 Thousand More Jobs For Pennsylvania Sound

06.06.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The United States has added about 170-thousand jobs a month the past few months, which makes this a pretty sweet deal for Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Corbett is giving Shell Oil a 1.7 billion dollar tax break, if they come to Pennsylvania. It's a 25 year tax credit, and it's designed to get shell to build an ethane plant in western Pennsylvania, rather then in Ohio or West Virginia, where the company is already in talks. The governor defended the offer yesterday, saying the plant will create 20-thousand jobs in Monaca, Pennsylvania-- which is about an hour south of Clarion, New Castle, and Grove City on the western border of the state. Critics asked the governor why he's cutting aid to public schools, but offering big companies tax credits. Corbett had 1 answer: jobs. If Shell decides to come, the plant would open in 2017.