Hornell Ny Budget Approved

02.25.14 | Bob Price

(WETM-18) - People in Hornell will pay slightly more in taxes after the common council approved next year's budget Monday night. The mayor says city spending isn't changing, but employee healthcare and pension costs are forcing the increase.

Hornell's $12.1 million budget for 2014-15 comes with a 1.23 percent property tax levy increase. That translates to about 14 cents per thousand dollars of assessed property value. It's well under the state tax cap.

Nearly all city services and salaries are unchanged from the current 2013-14 budget. Fire department spending will increase by $14,000.

Mayor Shawn Hogan, (D) says they need a solution to increasing health care and pension costs.

”With the tax cap and everything else that we deal with, it's just putting more pressure on local governments to find innovative ways to provide services the taxpayers demand and to do it affordably,” said Hogan.

New York State sets city employee pension costs. Hogan says the state will re-evaluate the system soon. Hornell leaders are discussing joining a healthcare fund that would give them better prices on healthcare.