Honda Contest To Save Local Drive In Theaters

08.27.13 | Bob Price

Two Western New York drive-in movie theaters are in a national contest to safeguard their future.  Honda is offering a first place prize to pay for their conversion to digital projectors. The high cost of adding the new equipment is a problem that hit small town movie theaters this past year in Hamburg, East Aurora, and Lockport - and now has become the subject of a national campaign to help save drive-ins.  Honda's "Drive-in Project" asks people to vote for their favorite or most deserving drive-in that's having trouble raising the $75,000 needed to upgrade the projection equipment.  In Western New York, you can vote to save the Park 60 drive-in in Jamestown or the Loomis Delevan drive-in in Delevan. They both still feature old-fashioned projectors and the small operations must convert of close down.