Hobby Lobby Conastoga Wood Decision Expected Today

06.30.14 | Sarah Harnisch

For Norman Hahn, the conservative Mennonite founder of Conestoga Wood Specialties in Pennsylvania, an anxious wait is almost over. Family Life reporter terry Diener says the Supreme Court is expected to rule today on the Hahn family's religious challenge to an Affordable Care Act requirement that employee health plans cover emergency contraception.
 At stake is the Hahn family's ability to continue running their 50-year-old company according to the principles of their faith. If the Hahns lose the appeal, Conestoga Wood, which employs more than one thousand workers, faces a fine of $100 per worker for every day it doesn't cover emergency contraception. The Hahns, owners of the East Earl-based cabinet door manufacturer, object to paying for the morning-after pill and similar contraceptives, likening them to abortion.