Hillary Clinton To Visit Mexico

03.24.09 | FL News Team

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be in Mexico on Wednesday. Her agenda includes addressing border, economic and climate-change issues. Clinton's trip comes as the U.S. says it will send additional assistance in the form of agents and high-tech gear to the border of Mexico in an effort to stem the tide of illegal drugs, guns and money being smuggled by Mexican gangs.

U.S. officials say the violence that is associated with the smuggling puts security on both sides of the border at risk. Mexican cartels bring billions of dollars worth of drugs into the U.S. and return with weapons and cash.

As part of the plan, inspections of southbound traffic will increase, with a 100-percent canvass of rail lines and mobile X-ray units for cars.  The objective includes improving the tracing of weapons used to commit crimes in Mexico back to U.S. dealers. Drug turf wars and clashes among cartel members and police resulted in more than six-thousand deaths in Mexico last year.