High Winds Do Damage In Ny Pa

01.18.12 | Sarah Harnisch

  There were live wires knocked down in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, with wind gusts there logged at 50 miles an hour. Emergency officials were worried that people might get electrocuted. The gusts were clocked at 35 miles an hour in Scranton/WilkesBarre.  Winds were logged at 71-miles-an-hour last night in Rochester, 67 in Buffalo, 68 in Henrietta, and 73 miles an hour in Canadaguia. The winner of gusts seems to be the city of Syracuse, though, which logged a 105 mile an hour gust on the top of the Carrier Dome.

   A Catagory 1 Hurricane has winds of 74 miles an hour. The storm moves out today, and the cold moves in.