High Tech Bible Museum Opens

05.17.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 The world's most high-tech museum devoted entirely to the Bible-- opened in Oklahoma on Monday.
  The words "high-tech" and "ancient artifacts" don't usually go together-- but at the new "Passages" Bible exhibit, which debuted Monday at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, high-tech robots combined with ancient Bible manuscripts to help bring the story of translation and preservation of the Bible to life. There are over 14,000 square feet of interactive Bible history; featuring animatrons, touch screens, flip books, and hands-on activities. "Passages" includes one of the earliest pieces of Genesis, a portion of a Gutenberg Bible, and Codex Climaci Rescriptus, one of the earliest-surviving, near-complete Bibles, as well as the most extensive early biblical texts in Jesus' household language of Palestinian Aramaic. Dr. Scott Carroll, director of The Green Collection, told the Christian Post:  "often times, Christians think the Bible comes to us magically and it kind of showed up at the bookstore. But it's actually been the hard work of individuals; and in many places of the world tens of thousands have risked their lives just to own one." Want to see photos of it? Go here.