High Price Of Corn To Cause Thousands Of Products To Skyrocket

07.09.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The price of corn is at a nine month high, and it's going to affect you, even if you don't eat corn on the cob. Corn is used for energy, textiles, ink for paper, food products, and hundreds of other products derived from the grain. The rain over the weekend was a welcome sign for corn growers in New York. Dan Hurley is the owner of Bradley Farms. He says his corn crop is fine-- because there's still moisture in the soil. "A farmer would like to see about an inch of rain a week, that gets down into the roots where it belongs. So far, we've seen reasonable amounts. It hasn't been damaging yet. We feel fortunate." That interview, courtesy of our news partner, WETM-TV. Though New York is doing well, the Midwest is not, because of a drought. Prices are all figured in the Midwest.