Heavy Rain Floods Southern Tier

07.02.13 | Abby Lutcher

Barricades block a giant puddle that's about 20 feet long and crosses the entire street.  Neighbors say at least four homes have had basement flooding. Gary Pisall, who helped build his house at 217 12th Street more than half a century ago, learned his lesson after the flood of 1972. He says he figured out long ago that this area is prone to flooding. “My dad and I built this house in the mid 50's.  He used to complain, I was too young.  Then when I got [the house], I complained,” Pisall says. As a result, he built up the ground around his house so rain water would drain away from his house, but he still thinks the street needs a new storm drain. WETM was unable to reach the Elmira Heights street maintenance supervisor for comment Monday night. In the City of Elmira, the continuing rain has put a big street construction project on hold. Crews are taking a break from the East Church Street road work until there's a big enough window without rain to continue. Senior Engineer for the city, Matt Hourihan, says he doesn't want any of the dug out trenches to fill up with water because that would cause bigger problems.  He says the set back isn't major. “Right now, we're only experiencing a couple of days.  I think we might have delays again tomorrow, but we're anticipating getting back to work on Wednesday at the latest,” Hourihan explains. He says the city is also keeping an eye on College Avenue near the Dollar General.  That section of the road is blocked off and remains under several inches of water. He says that part of College Avenue is adjacent to Eldridge Park and shares a storm drain with the park.  Because of back up from the amount of rain we've already had, draining is slow.