Heat Prompts 3 Month Burn Ban In Ny

07.17.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The dry, hot weather has prompted New York state to issue a burn ban, from now through October 10th. The state has only recieved 25 percent of its rainfall so far this season, and the risk of a wildfire is too great. Pennsylvania does not have a ban in place. 60 percent of the country is in some type of a drought. Experts say the heat has been a big factor, the lack of rainfall has been a factor, and it's created a tremendous deficit of moisture. More then 1,000 counties in 26 states have been declared disaster areas.  More then half of the nation's corn crop is in trouble, and corn has an impact on 75 percent of what's sold at the supermarket. Forecasters say the drought is going to get worse before it gets better.