Hand Written Lincoln Address For Sale

02.03.09 | FL News Team

Between today and February 11th, the handwritten re-election speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln in November of 1864 can be seen. On February 12th, someone is likely to pay more than three-million-dollars for the address.

February 12th is the bicentennial of the birth of America's 16th president and Christie's New York will auction the four-pages of text off on that date. Christies says the document has never been offered for sale before and is one of very few Lincoln manuscripts not housed in a major institution like the Library of Congress

The upscale auction house describes the manuscript as being in "superb" condition, written in the bold, clear hand Lincoln was known for on several large sheets of paper. 

The manuscript was given to a Congressman, John Dwight, by Lincoln's son Todd in 1916.  It was a thank you for the Congressmans help in funding for the Lincoln Memorial that still stands in Washington, DC.

Dwight's widow gave the document to a library association in Dryden, New York which is selling the speech hoping the proceeds will pay for construction of a library addition. All four pages along with a photo of Lincoln can be seen on the Christie's website at www.christies.com.