Half Of All Americans Say The Digital Age Is Tiring Them Out

05.09.11 | Sarah Harnisch

Half of all Americans say the digital age is starting to wear on them a bit. The power to connect comes with a price. The new "Digital Lifestyle Information Survey 2011" shows 50-percent of all Americans say they're now on 24-hour call, with their clients expecting to reach them at all times through email on their smart phones, or on facebook. Four of every five people surveyed said they check their e-mail, quote, "all the time," more than three-quarters read and respond to e-mails at night and on the weekends, and 57-percent, quote, "never turn off" their phone.  Nearly half said they answered emails on dates, 40-percent said they ignored their family and friends more, and 35-percent said they took messages while spending time iwth their kids.  A third said they're sleeping less to stay on top of everything, and 47-percent admit they, quote, "can't keep up."