Haitians To Ask World For Four Billion In Reconstruction Aid

03.31.10 | FL News Team

Haitian officials are set to ask the world community today for four-billion dollars to rebuild the earthquake-shattered Caribbean island nation. The request is at the center of Haiti's recovery plan, which includes job and wealth creation outside the capital city, Port-au-Prince. Haitian officials are requesting the four-billion be allocated over the next three years, with more than one-billion being delivered over the next 18 months. Representatives of more than 100 countries and numerous aid groups are expected to meet in New York to support the Haitian request. More than two-point-seven billion will likely be pledged by various U.S.-based humanitarian groups. President Obama has asked Congress to pony up two-point-eight billion for the Haiti relief effort and reconstruction costs. The January 12th quake killed over 200-thousand people and left countless homes and buildings across the island in ruins.