Haitian Court Mulls Fate Of Americans Accused Of Child Trafficking

02.01.10 | FL News Team

(Port-au-Prince) -- A Haitian judge is pondering the fate of ten Americans accused of wrongfully trying to take 33 children across the border of the earthquake-ravaged country. The five men and five women were detained last week at the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic with a busload of youngsters. They denied they were trying to steal the children.

An official said the judge would decide if the Americans will be tried in Haiti or sent home to the U.S. for trial. She said trial in the U.S. would be justified by the devastation wreaked on the Haitian court system by the quake.

The missionaries deny charges they were participating in child trafficking. Haitian authorities say the Americans did not have proof the children were orphans or documentation granting permission to take the youngsters out of Haiti.