Haiti Blueprint For Economic Reconstruction Under Development

03.08.10 | FL News Team

A team of 150 Haitian government officials and 90 international experts has gathered in Port-au-Prince to develop a reconstruction plan for the island nation. The objective is to present a post-disaster needs assessment by Friday that will gone over by international technical experts on March 16th. One major issue is whether the group will try to develop a plan to restore the Haitian economy to what existed before the massive January 12th earthquake, or take things a step further.

 The plan will address eight areas of reconstruction including education, housing, telecommunications, transportation and energy. An effort will be made to improve the agricultural sector that would offer jobs to those who were forced out of the capital by the quake. Another major issue is preparation for storms, including hurricanes, that continually batter the nation. The effort will look at what can be accomplished in the next 18 months, then within the next three years and then over a decade. A donor conference will receive the plan for consideration in New York City on March 31st.