Groups Say Possible Cancer Causes Need More Investigation

07.16.10 | FL News Team

(Washington, DC)  --  Several potential causes of cancer have been listed by the American Cancer Society and three federal agencies.  The group's report identifies 19 chemicals and shift work as possible causes that should receive more investigation.

The list includes lead and lead compounds, chloroform, formaldehyde and a relatively new compound called indium phosphide, which is used in making flat-screen televisions.  Elizabeth Ward of the Cancer Society notes that animal data suggested it may cause lung damage and genetic changes when breathed in by workers in assembly plants.  Shift work was listed due to studies that show a link with breast cancer in women and that exposure to light at night can disrupt natural body rhythms and cause cancer.

The report was sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Cancer Institute.  The study is published in the journal "Environmental Health Perspectives."