Group Wants New York Dec Public Comment Period Extended Again On Gas Drilling

01.08.13 | Sarah Harnisch

We are getting more details on a group that's petitioning to have the public comment period extended in New York on high volume hydrofracking. A group of lawmakers from Tompkins and Chemung counties held a rally Monday asking for the 30 day period to run 90 days instead, until February 27th. They say the comment period, which started in December and runs through this Friday, fell over the holidays and made it difficult for them to call meetings to consider the regulations. Those who favor gas drilling said there's no reason to prolong the D.E.C. study, which is now in its fifth year. Jim Smith, a spokesman for the Oil and Gas Association for New York, said there's nothing new to discuss. He called the delay a "tactic". The governor hasn't commented on the rally.