Group That Petitioned The Pentagon To Silence Christian Soldiers Speaks Out

05.01.13 | Sarah Harnisch

We now know the name of the group that asked the Pentagon to stop religious proselytizing among soldiers, calling it "on par with sexual assault." The Military Religious Freedom Foundation says "if you have a large Bible in your desk, what's the statement being made by a commander? Look... I believe in Jesus Christ??!"

The group has asked the Pentagon to court martial Christian soldiers and chaplains who speak about God to our troops. As a result, the Air force has published but not yet distributed a new document that shows leaders at all levels in our military may not promote their religious beliefs. The Christian group Chaplain Alliance of Religious Liberty is requesting equal face time with leaders at the Pentagon. They are concerned that a Pentagon decision could drive Christians from the military. The group says "will they be welcome, or are they going to become objects of discimination because they hold to Biblical values?"
There is a petition circulating, put out by Retired Lieutenant General William Jerry Boykin, addressed to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, that protects the right to speak of faith. If you'd like to sign it, go here.