Group May Sue Mcdonalds Over Marketing Aimed At Kids

06.23.10 | FL News Team

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is planning to launch a lawsuit against McDonald's unless the fast food giant ceases its marketing strategy aimed at children. The non-profit food safety group's executive director Michael Jacobson said its possible legal action will be rooted in state consumer protection laws. He specifically pointed to McDonald's use of toys in its Happy Meals as a major offender. Jacobson said the items are a marketing tool to entice children and their parents into restaurants to consume unhealthy foods in order to amass a collection of miniature figures.

 Jacobson labeled the claim by McDonald's as having a long heritage of "responsible communication with our customers, especially children" as "Mcnonsense." Even the fast food chain's mascot Ronald McDonald came under fire. Speaking about the colorful clown, Jacobson said, quote, "a huckster in a clown's suit is still a huckster." The aim of the organization's action against McDonald's is to battle the growing problem of child obesity in the U.S. Jacobson says those rates have tripled since 1980.