Group Hopes To Use Rubics Cube Evangelism Tool To Reach 12 Million People By 2012

11.04.11 |

 A group is trying to use an evangelism tool to reach 12-million people-- by 2012. It's called "evang-a-cube"-- and it looks like a Rubic's cube, but has interlocking blocks that flip and tell the story of Jesus's Christ death and resurrection. The ministry behind it, e3resources, says it works well for neighbors in your own town, or for missionaries in unsaved tribes where language barriers are difficult. The ministry is challenging 1-million Christians everywhere to use the cube to share the gospel with one new person each month for a year. They say it will allow them to reach 12-million people with the gospel by December 12th next year. The cubes cost about 8 bucks.

   If you want to know where you buy one, you can check it out here.