Group Believes Christs Second Coming Is This Saturday

05.16.11 | Sarah Harnisch

There is a very interesting movement taking shape in Chicago, Nashville, and Atlanta-- that believes Christ will return next Saturday-- May 21st. Harold Camping of Family Radio claims the Biblical calendar meshes with the secular and is accurate from 11,013 B.C.-- until it abruptly ends-- May 21st, 2011. He said many of the predictions in Revelation have already happened: the re-establishment of the nation of Israel; the complete decay of the church; the earthquakes and tsunamis and flooding; and the moral breakdown of society." But pastors around the world aren't holding their breath. Bishop Chandler Jones says, quote, "I think it's very presumptuous to try to predict the time and hour of Jesus' return because our Lord says in the Gospel that even the Son does not know the hour." According to the Pew Center, 41 percent of Americans believe Jesus Christ will return to Earth by 2050.