Governor Rendell Makes Budget Prediction

07.24.09 | FL News Team

(Harrisburg, PA) -- Governor Ed Rendell says a budget could get passed by the middle of next week. That prediction came one day after announcement that budget negotiations will soon be in the hands of a legislative Conference Committee. If a deal is worked out over the weekend, the conference committee could approve it and pass it on to the full House and Senate for approval.

But Pennsylvania's Senate majority leader says he doesn't see "any rational reason for optimism" about the prospect of a speedy budget agreement. Senator Dominic Pileggi was offering a sharply conflicting opinion than Governor Ed Rendell.

Pileggi reiterated the Senate Republican majority's demand that spending be held to substantially less than the $28.1 billion that was spent in the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Meanwhile, many state workers are going to receive smaller-than-usual paychecks today as legislators remain deadlocked on passing a budget. While Pennsylvania employees will get partial paychecks, private companies who have contracted work with the state are also waiting to get paid. Local food banks have reached out to assist state workers.