Governor Cuomo Talks About Gay Marriage In New York

03.10.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  Governor Andrew Cuomo met with gay rights activists Wedmesday to push for a same sex marriage bill in New York. One of the most high-profile gay advocates in the state is New York City Counsel speaker Christine Quinn-- she is openly gay. Quinn was at the meeting in Albany. She said "we had a very productive, forward-moving conversation. The specifics from that are obviously private from the meeting. I think we are all grateful that the governor gave us an hour of his time."
   It wasn't a one-sided meeting. The governor also invited a number of religious leaders; including New York City Archbishop Timothy Dolan. Dolan said "the definition of marriage comes from God alone, and we're better off if we respect it and promote it instead of trying to tamper with it."
   It does not look good though-- after the meeting, the governor issued this statement: "same-sex couples deserve the right to join in civil marriage in New York."   Cuomo did say it's unlikely a vote on the marriage equality bill will happen this year, but said he has scheduled additional meetings to keep the issue on the table.  A bill legalizing same sex marriage failed in the state senate in 2009.