Governor Cuomo Pushes Abortion Bill

06.05.13 | Abby Lutcher

As WETM 18 news reporter Sam Smink explains, it's the 10th point, protecting a women's freedom of choice, that's getting the most buzz. "There is a simplicity and clarity to choice language. You are pro-choice or not pro-choice,” said Governor Cuomo. For Doctor Stephen Spaulding, the answer is definitely *not* pro-choice. "It's a faulty decision. Abortion is something that has a lot of negative consequences for women and for society,” said Spaulding. Governor Andrew Cuomo, and federal law says, a woman does have the right to choose. The governor proposed a codification of New York State Abortion law, and the federal ruling of Roe vs Wade. That means federal protections under the Roe vs Wade decision would be state law, in case the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the landmark decision that made abortion legal. "I think what he's proposing is unneeded because already the law in NYS does everything a pro-choice would want it to do. No need to codify it,” said Spaulding. Governor Cuomo, and Pro-choicers, think there's a definite need. Currently New York State law allows abortion up to 24 weeks ... federally, it's up to fetus viability, which is widely accepted as 24 weeks. Both have exceptions. Roe vs Wade says a state can ban abortion, except when necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother. Before the proposal Tuesday, New York State's only exception was for the life of the mother. It never mentioned health. Now the abortion clause is part of the women's equality act ... so it would be voted on as a whole. Governor Cuomo says he, along with the entire coalition, want all ten points to pass.