Government Agencies Find 100 Million Plus In Budget Savings

07.28.09 | FL News Team

Soon after he was sworn in as president, Barack Obama challenged government departments to come up with at least 100-million dollars in savings. Various departments have done better than that, and in some cases in fairly creative ways. Budget director Peter Orszag announced Monday government agencies have found 77 places to save taxpayer dollars that, combined, will add up to 102-million dollars saved in fiscal year 2009 and 140-million dollars in 2010.


Among the proposals -- replace military jet fuel with commercial jet fuel, saving 52-million dollars. Justice Department employees can make their own travel arrangements online instead of using travel agents, saving four-million dollars. And the Agriculture Department has stepped up, saying it can save taxpayers nearly two-million dollars simply by not repainting newly purchased Forest Service cars their traditional green hue.