Got The Doomsday Virus On Your Computer We Can Help You Fix It

07.09.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Malware Monday. A rogue computer virus is causing trouble today for tens of thousands on the internet. The trouble began months ago when 6 Estonians were charged with corrupting 4 million computers worldwide with malware. They hijacked computers and directed the users to sites they normally wouldn't go to. The Estonians made 14 million dollars off ads they sold on those sites. The FBI captured the hackers and took over their servers, allowing users to surf without issues for months. But now, they've issued a warning that they are shutting down the servers that protected you from the doomsday virus.

The good news is the odds aren't very high that you haven't been infected. But if you are infected, all you have to do is a simple test. Log onto this site. It will tell you immediately if your machine has the virus, and how to fix it.