Google Yahoo Report Most Popular Internet Searches Of 2009

12.02.09 | FL News Team

The number one item Internet users searched for in 2009 wasn't a place or a thing, it was a person. Google, Yahoo and Bing all report Michael Jackson unseated Britney Spears as the most searched for term this year. says the King of Pop's death in June created such a frenzy for all things Jackson that Google thought it was under attack. Google's vice president of search products, Marissa Mayer, says another entertainer, Lady Gaga "became a search sensation the world over."

 Among social networking sites, assorted Twitter accounts are high on the agenda of people using search engines. Google says Miley Cyrus' Twitter account was the most frequently requested. Lance Armstrong and Taylor Swift are second and third. Yahoo agrees "Michael Jackson" was the most searched for term this year but he's followed by "Twilight." The wrestling organization "WWE" was second and starlet "Megan Fox" is third. Microsoft's Bing didn't appear online until late May but reports similar results. Jackson is tops followed by "Twitter" and "swine flu." Yahoo reports the most often queried economic item was the word "coupons" followed by "unemployment." Google lists the word "crisis" at number one followed by "cash for clunkers" and "Iceland."