Google Demonstrates Chrome Computer Operating System

11.20.09 | FL News Team

Google isn't just a search engine anymore, it's getting set to take on Microsoft. The company has officially shown the world its computer operating system dubbed Chrome. During a demonstration for members of the media on Thursday the company confirmed one hot rumor. The code for the operating system will be completely open. Unlike Microsoft that doesn't enjoy outsiders tinkering with the way Windows works, Chrome is already being made available to the so called Open Source Community. The source code can be downloaded now from the PCWorld Website. Asked "why" Google would spend time and resources developing an operating system the answer came back in a single word, "speed." Google designers say they want to make the computing experience more like watching TV. They say their already popular Chrome web browser will be even speedier when run from inside the new operating system.

For the operating system demonstration, Google used a tiny netbook. Every part of Chrome is presented as a web application rather than starting individual programs as most computer users are accustomed to. Google says security is very high on the design list. To that end the Chrome operating system doesn't allow applications to install on a users machine or make changes to the operating system. There's a downside for current computer owners. Chrome OS will only run on machines specifically made for it. Official release is scheduled for late in 2010.