Girl Scouts Boycotted For Allowing Transgender Boys To Join

01.12.12 | Sarah Harnisch

 A 14-year old girl is taking on Girl Scout Troops across the nation for their code of ethics. A couple of weeks ago, a story surfaced about a Colorado Girl Scout Troop that decided to admit a 7-year-old transgender child. Now, a California girl is calling for a boycott of all scout troops in the nation, and the sale of all their cookies. 70-percent of all cookie sales go to directly fund the troops.
   Here's "Taylor's Plea"-- on YouTube.
   The teen says she was a girl scout, and allowing boys in a girl scout troop is against what she believes in. At least 3 girl scout groups that met at Christian schools have disbanded because of the girl scout policy. Taylor has started her own website which has downloadable fliers, and lays out how she says the scouts support abortion and LGBT agendas. You can see the site here.

   Girl Scout troops in the Twin Tiers of New York say you really need to weigh each troop individually, and see if its goals line up with your family's belief system. They say there are likely thousands of troops that would not support transgendered boys joining Girl Scouts.