General Motors Suing Over Corvette Replicas

03.22.10 | FL News Team

General Motors is suing an Ohio company over replica versions of the extremely rare 1963 Corvette Grand Sport roadster. The "Detroit News" reports the lawsuit was filed against Mongoose Motorsports LLC of Cuyahoga Falls. The company also builds replicas of other sports cars. The 1963 Corvette Grand Sport roadster is one of the rarest vehicles ever made by GM, as just five were produced and have sold for millions of dollars at auction. The Ohio firm is selling the replicas, which GM argues were copied down to the letter, for less than 90-thousand dollars.

 GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson said GM is not impressed by the venture, saying quote, "this is not an homage." The lawsuit contends Mongoose is not licensed to use Corvette trademarks. An official with the Ohio company told the "Detroit News" he was not aware of the lawsuit and decline further comment.