General Mcchrystal Warns Of Afghan Failure Without More Troops

09.21.09 | FL News Team

Army General Stanley McChrystal claims in a confidential document that without more troops in Afghanistan, the war effort there will "likely result in failure." The 66-page document was obtained by "The Washington Post." In it, McChrystal stresses the importance of reversing Taliban momentum within a 12-month period as the ability of the country's security grows. He says not doing so would, quote, "risks an outcome where defeating the insurgency is no longer possible." It's believed McChrystal will soon ask for an additional 30-thousand new troops in Afghanistan. The number of U.S. forces has nearly doubled this year from 32-thousand to 62-thousand troops. There are also nearly 38-thousand troops from other nations in service in Afghanistan.


The call for an surge in troop numbers could become problematic for the Obama administration. In a recent "CNN/Opinion Research" poll, just 39-percent of Americans still support the war, while 58-percent oppose it. Meanwhile, last week an online message believed to be from Afghanistan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar said the battle against NATO forces is, quote, "approaching the edge of victory." It says the Taliban's goal is to gain independence of the country and to establish a just Islamic system. The message also calls on the West not to be deceived by President Obama for claiming the war is a necessity. A Taliban spokesperson claims the message is authentic.