Gene Variants Found That Contribute To Diabetes

01.20.10 | FL News Team

An international research group has discovered new genes that can influence the risk for developing type-2 diabetes. A total of 13 genetic variants were found that can impact glucose regulation, insulin resistance and how insulin-secreting beta cells work among people of European descent. One scientist associated with the study partly funded by the National Institutes of Health says the biggest identifying factors in type-2 diabetes are insulin resistance and impaired function of beta cells. The study group determined most of the newly discovered gene variants influence secretion of insulin, rather than insulin resistance. Researchers say the results of the new study will help in future development of treatments for type-2 diabetes, a condition that affects nearly 300-million people worldwide.

 The disease is the primary contributor to kidney failure, limb amputations, heart disease, stroke and adult onset blindness. The findings of the new research are published in the online journal "Nature Genetics."