Gay Marriage Close To Being Legalized In New York

06.15.11 | Sarah Harnisch

The Senate is just one vote shy of passing gay marriage in New York State. On Tuesday, another Republican -- State Senator Roy McDonald -- switched sides. He said, "Because we have to live together -- your selection of your lifestyle, my selection, our ethnic groups, our religious groups. We're going to have to make room for everybody." His switch comes a day after another Republican, James Alesi, said he'd support the bill. The votes are close enough that Governor Cuomo formally introduced the bill in the Senate tuesday.

But does this actually have a chance of passing? Jason McGwuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms says it could go either way right now. "If we don't see a vote by Friday, I think we've been successful in holding it off. We're looking at, I would say, either defeat on the floor or no vote at all before Friday." He says his gut tells him it's not going to pass, but with just one vote hanging, he can't make any promises. "I can tell you from my presence here in the Capitol the votes are not there yet. And we hope to keep it that way. Some very important people are reaching out, but there is an eternity legislatively. With just a few days left -- anything can happen."

The Republican-led Senate will consider the bill today, knowing the Assembly already supports it.