Gas Drilling Supporters Write Letters To A Thousand Of Cuomos Donors

08.02.12 | Sarah Harnisch

How do you get the attention of the Governor? Talk to his friends. In an effort to get the ear of Governor Andrew Cuomo, opponents of hydrauling fracturing in the Southern Tier have penned a letter to 1-thousand of his biggest donors. At a press conference in Binghamton Wednesday, they said "residents of the Southern Tier should not be treated as second class citizens with regard to shale gas fracking. If it's not safe everywhere in New York, it certainly isn't safe in five counties."

The Governor previously hinted that he may be ok with drilling, but only in the Southern Tier. Drilling supporters responded immediately. The Vestal Gas Coaltion, which represents 650 families and 12-thousand acres of land in New York, said there are more then 80-thousand landowners in the area who support drilling in the Southern Tier. "Even though we may not be able to be classified as large donors, we are voting public, we are landowners, and we're paying a lot of tax on that land. We feel we should be represented, and we're trusting the Governor will do that."
New York is under a moratorium for gas drilling while we await a state D.E.C. environmental impact review, due out sometime this year.