Gardener Makes Daring Rescue In Southern Tier

06.07.11 | Sarah Harnisch

At 7:30 Monday night, Laurie Eldridge of Cameron was gardening when she looked up and saw an elderly woman driving on the train tracks. She also saw an oncoming train. Eldridge says it looked like the car had gotten stuck sideways, so she made a mad dash to try and reach the car before the train. The woman inside, 81 year-old Angeline Pascucci of LeRoy, did not want to get out. Frantic, Eldridge shoved her hand through an open window, unlocked the door, and pulled the woman to safety, just moments before the train hit the car. Eldridge's mother said, "I love my daughter so much. I'm so glad she saved that woman. But I can't believe she did it. I'm not going to sleep for a week." Pascucci and Eldridge survived without a scratch, but the car was totaled.