Funerals For Slain Amish Start Tomorrow

07.21.11 | Sarah Harnisch

People are coming in by the hundreds to Jasper and Woodhull -- more then a thousand Amish from New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio heading to these small towns. Carriages lined the street yesterday, families helping to muck out animal stalls of those impacted, take care of their children, make food, and prepare coffins for the dead.

The list of the injured was released last night; you can read it below. More then four husband and wife pairs were separated -- one died while the other survived. Dozens of children are left without at least one parent. One of the dead, Sarah Miller, left behind 14 children -- 5 boys and 9 girls. Survivors include

Meanwhile, we learned Wednesday that the driver that allegedly caused the crash -- Steven Eldridge, who is believed to have been drunk-- had a criminal past. He was repeatedly involved in reckless traffic incidents, drugs, and run-ins with police. He's being held on $125,000 bond.

Funerals for the Amish start tomorrow. Several funds have been set up for the families of the victims.

Donations for Victims:
c/o: Fund for the Amish
- Bullock's Hardward, Jasper, NY, 14855
- Jasper Junction Mini Mart, 3857 State Route 417, Jasper, NY, 14855
- Jasper Town Hall, Jasper NY, 14855

(Donations can be mailed to any of these locations.)


Strong Memorial Hospital:
- Lyn Oles, 41, Satisfactory
- Martha Hostetler, 36, Satisfactory
- Enos Miller, 32, Discharged
- Rose Anna Miller, 31, Guarded
- Emery Miller, 47, Discharged
- Andy Byler, 60, Guarded
- Eyia Hersberger, 38, Guarded

Geneva Memorial Hospital:
- John Mast, 47, in the ICU
- Tim Labarr, 44, Discharged

- Melvin Hershberger, 42
- Sarah Miller, 47
- Melvin Hostetler, 40
- Anna Mary Byler, 60
- Elizabeth Mast, 46

Treated at Scene and Released:
- David Miller, 51

- Steven Eldridge, 42 -- the driver