Funeral Today For 7 Mennonite Children Killed In Fiery Pennsylvania Blaze

03.15.11 | Sarah Harnisch

Today is the funeral for 7 Mennonite children killed in a fiery blaze just north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania last week. The service started at 11 a.m. at the Perry Mennonite Reception Center in Elliotsburg. All 7 children died of smoke inhalation. Aside from family and friends, protestors will also be attending from the Westboro Baptist Church. On Monday, the American Legion Post 374 said they have assembled a human chain thousands strong that will protect the family from Westboro's chanting. According to Westboro's press release, they blame "society and the children's parents for the deaths." Ron Stump, of Pine Grove, is one of the men forming the human chain. He said in an interview, "believe me, I'm all for the First Amendment. But there needs to be something done about stuff like this. This is not the place, the time, or the thing to protest. It's like they breathe off someone else's grief."

Contributions may be made to the family's church:
Church of the Living Christ
P.O.  Box 180
Loysville, PA  17047