Frostbite Symptoms Laid Out

01.24.13 | Sarah Harnisch

Last night was the most bitter night of the year so far. Temperatures dropped another ten degrees in some parts of the listening area. Erin Cornell, the Communications Director for the Red Cross in southwestern New York, checked in with our newsroom. She says it takes about thirty minutes to get frostbite in these temperatures, but only ten Minutes if it's windy. How do you know if you have frostbite? Erin says "lack of feeling in the area, skin can feel waxy, it's cold to the touch or is discolored, flushed white, grey, yellow, or blue skin. Get inside where it's warm. Flush the area with warm water, and don't rub it. If it feels red or warm after you soak it, make sure you bandage it and seek medical attention."