Fridays Storm Lives Up To Its Fury

02.11.13 | Sarah Harnisch

Did Friday's snowstorm stack up to the reports? In a word, yes. Parts of western New York logged 11 inches of snow, 6 in the Southern Tier, and 8 inches for Ithaca. 40 inches were charted in Hamden Connecticut, enough to bury a small child. Snowfall on Long Island prompted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to ask for hundreds of plows from across the state to help out. It was one of the largest plow mobilzations in state history. Wind gusts of 82 miles an hour were reported in Westport, Connecticut.

The death toll is least 10, with 5 in Connecticut, 2 in Canada, 1 in New York, and 2 in Massachusetts. The Brooklyn Nets, San Antonio Spurs, and New York Knicks were all stranded by the blizzard. More than 5,000 flights were cancelled on Saturday.



    Spencer: 31 inches
    Framingham: 30.5 inches
    Quincy: 30.0 inches
    Southwick: 28.3 inches
    Saugus: 28.2 inches
    Worcester: 28.0 inches


    Hamden: 40.0 inches
    Milford: 38.0 inches
    Fairfield: 35.0 inches
    Tolland: 35.0 inches
    New Haven: 34.3 inches
    New Hartford: 33.0 inches

Rhode Island:

    West Glocester: 27.6 inches
    North Cumberland: 27.1 inches
    Burrillville: 26.0 inches
    Smithfield: 24.0 inches

New Hampshire:

    New Boston: 30.4 inches
    Goffstown: 28.0 inches
    Hollis: 24.0 inches
    Pelham: 24.0 inches
    Milford: 22.0 inches

New York:

    Medford: 33.5 inches
    Upton: 30.9 inches
    Islip: 30.7 inches
    Huntington: 26.3 inches
    Islip: 25.0 inches

New Jersey:

    Rivervale: 15.0 inches
    West Milford: 13.2 inches
    Hillsdale: 12.5 inches
    Scotch Plains: 12.0 inches


    Gorham: 35.5 inches
    Berwick: 32.0 inches
    Portland: 31.9 inches (a new all-time record)

Wind Gusts:

    Westport, Conn.: 82 mph
    Boston Logan Airport: 76 mph
    Bedford, Mass.: 75 mph
    Nantucket, Mass.: 69 mph
    Milton, Mass.: 66 mph
    Milford, Mass.: 65 mph
    New London, Conn.: 60 mph
    Martha`s Vineyard, Mass.: 60 mph
    Scituate, Mass.: 58 mph

This is a time lapse video of 30 inches of snow falling in Massachusetts.