Founder Of The Creation Museum Kicked Off Homeschool Convention Speaking Roster

03.29.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  The founder of the Creation Museum has been banned from a homeschool convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Ken Hamm is accused of making "ungodly, and mean-spirited" comments about another speaker, according to the convention's organizers. Here's Hamm's side of the story. Peter Enns of the Biologos Foundation was slated to speak at the convention. Enns says the fall of Adam and Eve can be construed as a symbolic story of Israel's beginnings, rather than a literal description of human beginnings. He also says the idea of sin should not be taught to small children because they can't understand it. Hamm said "it's what's in the bible! Why would you not teach children God's word?" After he made posts on Facebook and Twitter, the convention leaders "disinvited" him. His posts, by the way, have garnered hundreds of comments in just a few days, most of them-- in support.