Former Pennsylvania Rep Eyeing Specters Senate Seat

03.03.09 | FL News Team

At least one prominent conservative has his eye on the Senate seat held by Pennsylvania Republican Arlen Specter. Former Representative Pat Toomey announced yesterday he is ready to challenge Senator Specter in next year's GOP primary. This is a switch for Toomey who earlier had said he was considering a run at the nomination for governor.

Many conservative Republicans have been critical of Specter's moderate to liberal positions on social and economic issues. It is thought that a challenge by Toomey would be welcomed by Republican conservatives and Democrats, alike. Many Democrats would like to see a member of their party take over Specter's seat.

A tough primary would also force Specter to spend money he otherwise could use for the general election. In that event, Specter may be pushed more to the right to gain the support of potential Toomey voters. Specter was first elected to the U.S. Senate 29 years ago.