Forecast For Accuweather Future To Include 24 Hour Weather Channel

01.16.14 | Bob Price

State College-based AccuWeather announced this week it will launch a 24-hour weather channel later this year. Founder and President Joel Myers says creating a 24-hour weather source that will be available on the web, mobile devices and television, was the next natural step for the company. "We are the number one, most used source of weather forecast and information globally," Myers says. "This is the only way up to this point that AccuWeather is not available, through a 24 hour weather channel, and we've been working on this for some time ... I think there's an opportunity for us to have another outlet, another way to serve the public and we have a lot of advantages." Myers says the advantages include the company's 45-day, hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute forecasts. A 24-hour weather forecast resource will assist users in their daily lives, he says. The channel is expected to launch this summer or fall. It will be available online, mobile devices, as well as cable services that have yet to be determined.