For The First Time More Americans Support Gay Marriage Then Oppose It

05.23.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  For the first time since tracking started in 1996, a majority of Americans say they support gay marriage. Friday's report reveals that now 53-percent of the public thinks marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized by law as valid. Forty-five percent are against it. Just a year ago, the numbers were almost completely opposite-- 53-percent opposed and 44-percent supported. What caused the spike? Some say it's because of a 16-percent hike in 18-to-34 year olds that say they now support it. Dr. Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said "I think it's clear that something like same-sex marriage is going to become normalized, legalized and recognized in the culture. It's time for Christians to start thinking about how we're going to deal with that."