Flooding Information For Central New York Northeastern Pennsylvania

09.09.11 |

  There have been helicopter rescues in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Boat rescues have occurred in two dozen different towns-- including Great Plains Township, Johnson City, and Vestal. A house was swept away and slid under a bridge, exploding, in Tunkhannock. You can watch that video here.

  130-thousand people were evacuated in Central New York and Pennsylvania. 16-thousand were without power in Pennsylvania on Friday. PPL shut off power in the entire town of Wilkes-Barre. If you want to see what height the rivers are near you, go here.

 Our newsroom has been taking dozens of calls; some from people who are requesting prayer. Many of them have posted their needs to our Facebook page. You can view those comments and pray specifically by going here.

   Other callers have been asking how to get aid. If you are a farmer that's lost your crop, or a homeowners that's lost your home, our newsroom has been instructed to urge you to contact your local county emergency management office.
   And still more callers have asked how they can help. Family Life has set up an email where churches can connect, recieve aid, and where people who want to give can help. All money collected-- 100% of it-- will go directly to the disaster zone. Email us at:

  According to Severe Weather Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes, Tropical Storm Lee dropped an average of 5" of rain along a 1350-mile-long swath stretching from Louisiana to Upstate New York. How much water is that? Forbes estimates 29-trillion gallons of water was deposited in this swath. If this had fallen over drought-suffering Texas, the entire state would've gotten 6 inches of rain.

New York information:

   Numbers are just starting to come in on which towns broke flood records. Waverly/Sayre, Owego, Vestal, and Binghamton along the Susquehanna River broke flood level records set back in june of 2006. Waverly/Sayre crested at 25.7ft around 8p.m. Thursday.  the previous record was 22-ft. Owego crested at 38 feet before their weather station was knocked out at 6 this morning. Their previous record was 32-feet. Vestal crested at 8 p.m. last night-- at 35-feet. It's old record was 25-feet. and the susquehanna in binghamton crested at 25 point 7 feet-- after it crested at 8 last night. the previous record was 25-ft. Areas that haven't broke flood records yet, but could crest above or close to it are Conklin, Windsor, and Bainbridge. The river level are expected to remain at major flood level status until Saturday morning or afternoon.

    The Broome County, NY Health Department has issued boil water advisories in West Corners, the Village of Windsor, and the Northgate area of the Town of Chenango. There is also now a boil water advisory for all Johnson City water customers. This includes village residents as well as Choconut Center customers.

  In Binghamton:
   Anyone under a mandatory evacuation order should not return to their home. Floods and flash floods may have jeopardized the integrity of the structure. If you need to get back into your home or business for emergency purposes only, you can call 211 and or the Office of Emergency Services at 778-2170. Binghamton (NY) University Events Center shelter is full & can't take any additional residents. Arrangements being made for another shelter.

This is a list of Twin Tier shelters:

Saint Luke's Lutheran Church, Sidney, NY
Central United Methodist Church - 17 Nanticoke Ave, Endicott
Apalachin Alliance Church - 293 Tobey Road, Apalachin, NY
Endwell Volunteer Fire Department - 3508 Country Club Road, Endwell, NY
*AT CAPACITY: Binghamton Events Center - Has reached capacity.
Port Crane Fire Department
Magaretville Advent Christian Church
Addison Tuscarora Elementary School
Greene Fire Department - 8 North Canal Street, Greene, NY
Johnson City High School - Reynolds Road, Johnson City
Green Lawn Elementary School - Green Lawn Ave, Bainbridge, NY
New Beginnings United Methodist Church - 300 East Miller Street, Elmira, NY
Ulster Fire Department - 85 Rescue Street, Ulster, PA
Blue Ridge High School (Pets allowed) - Susquehanna 

Pennsylvania information:

A Columbia County, PA official says about a quarter of Bloomsburg is affected by flood waters and several homes have been swept off their foundations by the rushing waters. 25-30 percent of West Pittston has also been washed away, the mayor tells our newsroom.

A 39-mile section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike has reopened after being shut down because of flooding. All of I-80 is now open as well.
  For road closure and town damage information across the entire eastern half of Pennsylvania, go here.

Evacuees in Pennsylvania are being told to expect to stay away from their homes until at least Sunday or Monday.

For emergency information for those in Wilkes-Barre, go here.