Fl News Team Interviews Ron Hutchcraft On The Spiritual Implications In Japan

03.16.11 | Bob Price

     Christian leaders are putting the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan in eternal perspective.  Ron Hutchcraft says less than one percent of the people of Japan are Christians, and he hopes this tragedy will serve as a spiritual wake-up call. He said "we saw in Haiti there were a lot of people, you know, in a country where the gospel has been a long time, where people have come to Christ. There was joy and there was peace and people singing in the streets. You don't see that in Japan, because, for the most part, people are lacking the hope of Christ."  Hutchcraft says Christians should pray that God's will be done in Japan and people of faith need to look at the tragedy against the backdrop of eternity. He said "we see the events going on day by day, and getting worse and worse. If all we see is the dots, that's gonna be difficult for us to handle. If we understand this is a small dot on a big canvas of the purposes of God for the entire nation of Japan, and for an entire watching world... perhaps a wake up call to shake us from our complacency. There is always something bigger going on then what we can see." Hutchcraft says this tragedy could be Japans' "Jesus moment."