Fix For Fusion Hybrid Brake Problem

02.05.10 | FL News Team

(Detroit, MI)  --  Ford Motor Company says it's offering an upgrade on software to address brake issues on its 2010 Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids.  The fix involves up to 17,600 hybrid sedans, built on or before October 17th.  Ford says drivers could perceive a loss of braking as the cars make an unnecessary shift from regenerative to conventional braking.  The automaker says it'll notify customers by mail that the fix is being made available at dealerships.  Ford says it's not a full-scale recall because it doesn't view the software problem as a brake failure.  

"Consumer Reports" says the brake pedals on the Fusion and Milan need to be pushed more than an inch farther down to engage the conventional brakes, which can be disconcerting for many people.  A spokesman for Ford says the automaker has received a handful of reports about the issue and has heard of one minor accident, but no injuries have been reported.