Fighting Resumes In Gaza After Truce

01.07.09 | FL News Team

Fighting has resumed in Gaza after a three hour truce to allow humanitarian aid to enter the region. Residents in the northern Gaza Strip had reported some exchanges of fire during the temporary truce.

Hundreds of people in the city of Gaza flooded the streets during the break to get some shopping done and visit relatives. Israel and Hamas have both agreed to a daily three hour break from the fighting to allow the much needed aid into Gaza.

Meantime, both sides are reviewing a truce offered up by Egypt. The Egyptian plan came after Israel conducted an airstrike that killed 42 Palestinians at a UN school. France has expressed optimism about the proposed ceasefire, saying it believes Israeli troops could withdraw from the Gaza Strip within eight days if all goes well.

The twelve day old battle has left more than six hundred Palestinians dead, many of them civilians.  The death toll for Israeli includes at least seven soldiers and four civilians.

The White House officials said they are "deeply concerned" about the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Presidential spokeswoman Dana Perino said U.S. diplomats are working hard to help craft a lasting cease fire between Israel and Hamas.

Perino argued that the burden is on Hamas to halt smuggling and rocket launches against Israel. Perino noted that civilians are getting caught up in the violence but said she does not believe that Israel is "targeting innocent civilians."